I recently started this site just for fun and to try to learn something new.

I've never been very good at coding videogames so I thought it would he fun to try something more simple like html!

I also really dig the aethetics of old 90s websites even though I personally wasn't alive for that era. Plus it's nice to be able to customize anything I want unlike regular social media

I've made the whole website on my phone so it looks really janky on the computer. Unfortunately I have no idea how to fix this so as of right now the computer version will have to stay like that.

Sorry :(

This website is still a pretty big work in progress a lot of links and pages don't work right now but I have lots of exciting plans for it!

Exciting plans include...

look for the lock

  1. -Animating drawn icons

  2. -Fixing the computer version

  3. -Adding more cool gifs!

  4. -Adding a page full of links and the map page

  5. -Redoing the about me section

  6. fixing up the music page

  7. -Adding an art section

  8. -Adding more shrines

  9. Also there's no coding autocorrect so if you see any spelling errors feel free to bully me into fixing them :')

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