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I first heard of Omori about two years ago when the Omori version of My Time by Bo en was on my youtube recomendations page. I clicked on the video for the art but fell in love with the song.

The song led me to discover the multiple promotional trailers and a demo played by Tanner of the north.

The game is a psycological horror centering around a boy named Omori while he travels through surreal dream worlds and nightmares. I's reminiscent of games like Yume Nikki and Undertale while still feeling completly original which really intrigued me.

The concept originaly came from a Tublr blog in 2011 from a series of comics about Omori and how he lived on the blog. The idea grew from there and became the video game concept it is today.

The combat system is very unique playing off of emotions and how it effects the characters. Enemies and party members can get angry which heightens attacks but lower defense or sad which heightens defense but lowers attacks. This concept really caught me off gaurd becase I had never seen anything like that done before but I adore it.

Unfortunately the game still has yet to be released. It has become a huge controversy because the many of the kickstarter backers funded it in 2014 and were not expecting it to be pushed back as far as 2020. It's sad to see such an amazing concept with so much effort and heart put into it have such sketchy management and despite it being pushed back again this year when it was set to release in 2019 I am still hopeful that it will eventualy be released.

Omori has one of the most appealing aethetics and concepts I've ever seen and even inspired me to make a character with a similar caught between dreams premise (although Yumi Nikki inspired me too) and I'm still exited to see how the final project will turn out even after two years.

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All art on this page was made by Omocat and was found on the Omori kickstarter.