Yamishibai is an anime series centered around japanese folklore. Each episode is about 4 minutes long and is animated to look like kamishibai a traditional japanese story telling method. The stories can be kind if hit or miss but the artstyle really gives it a creepy atmosphere esspecially in the first and second season.

Pumpkin Night is a slasher manga about a girl getting revenge on school bullies. It's mostly good for the gore and the deaths are pretty brutal.

A horror manga that centers around a video game rumored to kill you if you make it to a certain level. The story does get predictable in the middle and had a confusing end but the way Jun Abe draws faces is terrifying and still sticks with me.

Nexpo is a youtube channel dedicated to explaining the details of internet horror stories. He does a great job voicing the stories and there are lots of videos to choose from. The two scariest videos to me are Cult in a Dead Mmo and What Happened to u/throwaway181718.

Lazy Masquerade is another youtube channel dedicated to horror stories. The Lazy Masquerade is less about explaining details of horror stories and more about reading them. His voice works really well with the subject matter and it's pretty engaging to hear him talk.

Petscop is a fake youtube letsplay channel. It starts with a guy named Paul claming that he found an old game and is playing to prove it exist. At the beginning it seems like an old Pokemon playstation esc game but after a little bit he reveals that there's a code to get into a separate level. From there the game becomes dark and twisted with little to no reaction from Paul which makes it all the creepier.

Uzumaki is a manga written by Junji Ito a horror writter who's become known as the Steven King of horror manga. All of his work is amazingly detailed and terrifying but Uzumaki is arguably his scariest right next to The Enigma of Amigara Fault. Uzumaki is about a seaside town plauged by spirals. It starts with man becoming obsessed with them and then quite literally spirals into chaos.

World of Horror is an 8-bit pixel game based on the work of Junji Ito and H.P Lovecraft. It's a wonderful tribute to both of them and is genuienly pretty creepy. The pixel style works well with the theme and helps build a dark and hopeless atmosphere. That coupled with a killer soundtrack instantly made it my favorite horror game ever.

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