2020 Log

05/29/20 I dreamt that I was with two of my 9th grade teachers and I was the only one in class. They were reading a book and I wanted to see it and read it too. The book was about a kid who moved to a new place and he was staying at a hotel with a roommate who was a person with a wolf head named Enigma. The kid was scared of Enigma but started to warm up to him when he started clapping and cheering him on to do something but I don't remember what he was cheering him on to do. My dream suddenly changed to something that looked like sketched art and Enigma began narrating his life. He talked about how everything felt the same every day and he was stuck in place unable to move anywhere. The image I saw was of Engima standing in a crowd of people with a balloon for a head rather than a wolf. He continued to narrate and I dont remember anything else he said but I saw images of seahorses and hummingbirds surrounding Enigmas wolf head for some reason. The only thing I remember thinking is that everything is happening too quickly. At the end of the dream Enigma and the kid got in a fight and the kid stabbed Enigma with an iron fire poker and then proceeded to be happy about it and bragged to his friends about what he did.

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