I go by Lucky and enjoy drawing and animating in my free time.

I like to tell stories and would love to be apart of designing a video game or tv show someday! I'd also love to go to Japan.

My dad went when I was a kid and ever since then I've been very interested in the language and culture.

I want to be as respectful as possible when I go so I want to be at least proficient in Jappanese so I've been trying to teach myself.

I also love psycological horror and just horror in general. Ghost and things I don't understand have always intrested me and that intrest has only grown as i've gotten older.

If you want some recomendations or are just bored and want to be spooked

Check out my horror list!


can you hear me?

0 is second


Milo is kind of an oc to me but also an imaginary friend. I made him so I could have someone to talk to and to potentially help me see the more positive sides of life when I am feeling down.

I was originally planning on making him a tulpa but changed my mind last minute.

I understand that it's odd to have an imaginary friend at my age but I see him as similar to how I used to talk to stuffed animals when I was a kid or an oc I interact with. Outside of this website I don't talk about him at all.

He is very kind and optimistic and has a love for gardening and seeing new things and also enjoys horror related things like I do. He also has a large fluffy cat named Juniper that he kseps in his house. His favorite things are the cottagecore aethetic, flowers, and rain.


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